Our Moral Compass Needs to Get Back on Course

The moral compass of today’s society has really gone astray.  Not to mention the decline in emotional intelligence.  Between the hate crime accusations from Jussie Smollett and the inappropriate touching claims against Joe Biden, what are we supposed to think? Oh, and let’s not forget the exoneration of President Trump from colluding with the Russians.

When it comes to Jussie who knows if we’ll ever get the truth, but either way that story pans out, hate and resentment were the culprits.  If Jussie is guilty he had enough hate and resentment in him to make false claims. And if he’s innocent then those who attacked him were full of hate and resentment as well.  Either way, it’s an ugly truth.

Then we have President Trump.  The Mueller Report says he didn’t collude with the Russians.  You would think we as a country would be happy to hear that our President is not guilty.  Instead, people are angry and in disbelief.  It really is a sad state of affairs.

The truth is the feelings of hate can go beyond the level of any cognitive thinking or ability to deal with resentments.  We really need to rethink and work on tolerance in our country.  How do we take situations such as these and turn them into a positive?

How do we as a society become truly objective once again?  How do we learn empathy and tolerance?  Especially for a difference of opinion?

First of all, we need to re-embrace freedom of speech and learn to listen respectfully to one another.  It is okay to disagree.  I think a great example of this is in the art of debating.  Debating forces both parties to look at both sides of the issue objectively whether you agree with it or not.  There is a lesson to be re-learned there.

Our society has fought long and hard for many years for free speech and civil rights.  We can’t lose all of the progress we have made because of a current lack of emotional intelligence in our society.

How do we fix this?  No Hate No Violence likes to say Stop Talking Do Something.  But for now, let’s start talking and start to really listen.  Let us know your thoughts!

Let’s Do Something While We’re Talking



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