We Can Do Better

I think the Democrats and Republicans could help us get back on track and away from all the negativity and hate if they would just lower their rhetoric.  We can do better.

They need to reach across the aisle and work with each other. Have face to face conversations or debates away from the media. They need to focus on getting the right things done rather than what kind of exposure they can get for their own re-election.  The more respected politicians don’t go to the press all the time.  They’re too busy making things happen by actually listening and doing the work.

I get that the Democratic party isn’t always conspiring with the mainstream media. But they are definitely in cahoots with each other.

Their constant same rhetoric is teaching our children how to lie, deceive, never answer a real question, or give any real facts.

They don’t report the facts because it might not fit their narrative and it’s teaching our children how to do the same which creates hate. All of this anxiety is a source of depression, and bullying.  A lot of these issues I blame on the politicians in general–parents who really aren’t doing the right job of parenting.

We need to teach our children to be curious about everything.

Not how to think.  We are all responsible for raising our kids with good morals and as they say, it takes a village. Especially when it comes to single parents and at-risk youth.  They need our help.

We as parents should demand from ourselves and our leaders, media, and teachers that we be better role models and examples.  The way we’re acting right now needs to stop.  Think about the future we are creating.  What can we do to improve it?

Let’s stop talking and do the right thing.

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