Hate-filled and disrespectful “free speech” is alive and well in the Democratic Party, which has been my party for 50+ years. The so called “debate” the other night was filled with nasty and embarrassing moments – again. No order, no self-control, no facts or fact checking, way too many straight-out lies, and the moderators quickly lost their grip on the process – again.
Who runs the best debates – go back and look. Who asks hard questions of all candidates, enforces the rules of debating, and never lets people talk over each other – all to make sure the audience can hear and understand what is being said. Whether you like what is being said or not – that isn’t the point here.

Saying what you disagree or agree with using facts and reasoning with respect – that’s debating. Pushing forward just points of view and facts that you like and ignoring, rejecting and disrespecting everything else – that’s not debating or helping the voters learn.
A debate should be about people discussing facts and ideas, making reasonable even if passionate arguments, and listening to each other. We did not hear a debate the other evening because of the lack of control by candidates and moderators alike, the hateful bickering, accusations and innuendos, with all the shouting and “look at me” grandstanding to grab attention. Again.
We at NO HATE NO VIOLENCE believe in debating done correctly with good facts and respect.

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