A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

So much in life revolves around attitude.  And only we are responsible for our attitudes.  The world presents us with situations.  But it’s our choice.   We choose how we will react to it.  No one else makes that choice for us.

In a time when so many are certain that our country is divided, I think we need to take a closer look at ourselves.  If this country is truly divided, then it is our own fault.  We have no one to blame other than ourselves for allowing ourselves to react the way that we are.

The world is never going to agree on everything.  That is what makes it so beautiful.  If we were all the same there would be no uniqueness and life would be boring.  So, why is it so hard for us to not accept others for who they are?  We need to embrace our uniqueness.

The great thing about attitude is that you can always change it.  It’s never too late.  In a constantly evolving world that continues to become more and more enlightened, we always have the ability to change things.

One of my favorite presidential quotes is from Abraham Lincoln: “I don’t like that man.  I must get to know him better.”  Imagine how much less hate and violence there would be in the world if more people adopted that mind set?  If we took the time to learn about someone rather than cast hate toward them because we don’t like them or what we think they believe, or we don’t understand them.

It seems fitting that perhaps we should reflect on what our country’s great leaders have told us.  The following quotes are some of my favorites:

“To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.”
~ John Adams

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt

“Pessimism never won any battle.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Click “Presidential Quotes” to view the inspirational quotes from all 45 of our presidents.

Stop Spending Time on Things You Hate

With thanks to Arthur C. Brooks/The Atlantic

Brook’s article is thought provoking. Why do we waste our free time doing things that we don’t like or even hate? Four hours watching TV a day? Hours scrolling on social media? These are all choices we make, everyday.

Try to think more about your precious free time and do things that you enjoy or make you happy. Choose to spend your time doing things that make you happy. Remember our attitude article: life is 10% of what happens to us, and 90% how we handle it.

Be happy. Do things you like. Free time is not free—its precious.

MLK Had The Answer

He knew hate only divided a society and that’s what those who are using hate are trying to do.

Let’s all think, really think about why we hate something or someone and we might surprise ourselves.

That what leaders and dividers want you to do.

Anti-Semitism Is Just Wrong

The no hate no violence movement is against hate or violence directed against any religion, gender, race, or any of the other things that people find as an excuse to hate something or someone. We believe in ideas that bring us together not tear us apart.

The anti-Semitism in this country and around the world is an historical issue for the Jewish community. It is wrong and hateful, but it is there, and there are historical reasons why it is so persistent.

Among other reasons, the Jewish community is not known for being inclusive, but they don’t seem to take the heat about it like the Mormon church does for being the same way. Because if you’re not a Mormon you don’t hang out or do business with people that are. That being said, we all need to do what we can to help Jewish people who really do want to stand up and speak out against anti-Semitism. Many don’t speak out fully enough oppose anti-Semitism. They need to speak up and put down the activists that are anti-Semitic.

They need to help go after anti-Semitism by joining with other non-Jewish people that have like-minded beliefs in fighting anti-Semitism and in no hate no violence.  We would love to work with and help the Jewish community in any way we can to fight anti-Semitic hate and violence because that’s how we see it.

Anti-Semitism is definitely a racial hate crime against a specific group of people. Many people say they are a race as much as they are a religion and that is a problem. They need to allow a lot more non-Jewish people into their religion and get more diversified, that would help them mitigate the situation, and so would helping more people that maybe aren’t Jewish that are that need help.

You know, the Catholic Church is probably the most beat up of all of the Christian religions these days because they’ve had some real issues with how they’ve managed their church. But the thing that salvages Catholicism is they’re the largest charity helping everybody in the world regardless of their religious background. They’re bigger than the next three religions put together, and it is hard for people to fight against those kinds of philanthropic commitments.

I would say to any religion – open up your hearts to other people to other faiths and other races. Don’t demand they believe the way you do – show them why they should. The more that that’s done, they will be accepted; the more you try and keep a religion exclusive and closed, the harder it is to fit into a melting pot. The Christian religion is pretty much a melting pot and the Catholic religion is especially a huge melting pot. Those are the things we believe the Jewish religion can learn from. They seem to have some pretty good management available.

We just want to say that we’re here to help. What can we do to help oppose the anti-Semitic movement? How can no the hate no violence organization help you go after and expose misinformation that the anti-Semites are putting out there? Every religion has a history we need to learn from and play down what was done by others generations ago. Maybe it’s time to play down the negative history.

I mean we’re still talking about slavery and how many generations ago is that? People are not being exposed for the hypocrites that they are. I do not like being called a racist because I’m not one, but I’m called one because I’m white. That’s pretty crazy and I’m gonna fight that till the day I die. I am not a racist. America is less racist today than it’s ever been since slavery. But the activists will never let you think that. The politicians use “racism” to answer any question with no facts to back up the answer. They say you’re racist, you’re racist if you don’t agree with them. That’s crazy.

We all need to speak out and especially the Jewish community needs help to speak out. The Democrats are experts at saying one thing while doing the complete opposite. I’m not saying we should do that, but I’m certainly saying we should take all these other organizations and unite them to fight these things and expose them. So, an individual Jewish person exposing an anti-Semitic situation might get somewhat discounted. but if there is a national organization that goes after that anti-Semitism and exposes the perpetrators for the haters they really are then an awful lot of anti-Semitism will be diminished. I can assure you that every one of those anti-Semites lives in a glass house and they have done some things that could be exposed and opposed on an individual level but it won’t have near the clout than if they’re exposed by a national organization.

At Nohatenoviolence.com we’re a small group, but we are a good one to take on any issue without taking very much pushback because of who we are. We’re here to help any victims of hate and violence – please let us know how we can help you


We each have the ability to lift the burden of hate from ourselves and lead simpler, calmer, happier lives. It can be done by anyone, any time, because hate is a choice caused by an anger and anger is usually caused by fear.

When you or I hate something or somebody isn’t that usually out of fear on some level? Maybe you didn’t like what somebody said to you and maybe it was outside your comfort zone –

but do you really want to hate them for it?

We’ve come way too far into the like-mindedness – meaning if we’re not like minded then I don’t want to hang out with you. That doesn’t sound like a very fun life to me, hanging out only with people who think exactly like I do, or the reverse – with those who try to control what I think or do. I admit I don’t like to hang out with people that are going totally a different direction than me, but if they just have a different opinion, or belong to a different political party, then let’s talk!

I have plenty of Republican, Democrat and Independent friends who are all pretty close together in they’re thinking, but none are politicians trying to stay in office. We can all get a little excited talking about paying higher taxes or lowering government spending – I mean those are political arguments, but it’s not about “OMG – I hate you! You think too differently from me so I don’t want to be your friend no matter how good of person you may be. It doesn’t matter”. That’s what hate can do even among friends.

I believe firmly that 90% of people in this country are more like minded than not. That’s why the “R Word” makes me upset because it gets tossed around so loosely. It’s kind of a “one-use I am an older, size-fits-all” put-down, often used when someone can’t answer the question or has no facts, and so they call what they disagree with “Racist”.

I can’t tell you how many times people have simply assumed I am racist because I fit their stereotyped image – I’m an older, conservative, well-groomed and well-dressed White guy.

Well, guess what the stereotype is?

I understand what Black people mean when talk about how they feel when White people see them coming down the sidewalk and cross the street – clearly afraid of all Black people. I’ve been judged that same way, and I can understand the hurt and resentment at the unfairness because I feel it too. I actually do hate the “R Word” and believe that it should be eliminated from intelligent discourse just like the “N Word”.

We have the power individually and collectively to mitigate and reduce hate in everything we do. If you just sit back and say okay, I hate this thing, I hate this person, I hate this party – try to analyze what’s going on, think about it and work on “why”. There’s a lot of difference in the attitude behind “I hate what’s going on” rather than “I disagree with what’s going on”. An attitude that allows thoughts and emotions to rise to the level of hate overcomes your whole personality. A person who is heavy with hate cannot be serene, they cannot have a happy life, and they are generally very much alone in the world.

You don’t see people that are helping others like the poor and the homeless and sick spend their time and energy hating others – they don’t have time to waste on such unproductive emotions. I’ve noticed in a general way that people who hate others don’t ever seem to have anything meaningful to do with their own lives. Maybe it’s just that simple.

Stop Hating & Help Somebody

Free Near-Death Experiences Book For Our Subscribers

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Whether you believe in the reality of Near-Death Experiences or not, everybody we hear from are people whose lives have been permanently and positively changed by having an NDE. Readers have written and called to tell us their stories, and we’re in awe at the depth of their new understanding. We didn’t realize how close NDEs are to the experience of finding faith in God, but we’ve now heard enough stories and seen enough impact on the lives of people to believe that this is a very real experience for them, and who’s to say it’s not?

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Let’s Enjoy Life Together. Pass It On!

Patrick Lockhart

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The Cruelty Of Domestic Violence

This short article “The Particular Cruelty of Domestic Violence” (CLICK HERE) examines the American attitude and policies towards domestic violence.  Seeing how few resources we put towards addressing domestic violence is enlightening and shocking.  We’re aware that domestic violence, especially against women and children, is a major issue in the United States and should be dealt with as a top priority.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has greatly increased domestic violence for reasons that we all understand and don’t need to be discussed here.

We thought we should point out the impact of how few resources are put towards this major issue.  By devoting more and better targeted resources to this issue, we could really help a lot of people, especially single mothers and their children in very abusive spouse/partner relationships.

There are ways to deal with this by getting people to speak out, the victims as well as anybody that sees it – family, neighbors, co-workers, or friends.

This article details the shocking facts of how we deal (or actually don’t deal) with it.

We need more people to speak out for their neighbors and friends because the victims are too afraid to do so, fearful of losing their support or risking further harm.  We need to change the stigma of spousal abuse to make the victims Heroes (with a capital H) for stepping forward,  and we as good neighbors , friends and family need to help them.  Simply throwing money at it won’t solve this serious issue but adequate funding should be a top priority in every community and at the national level as well.


This article makes us feel better about the attitudes of colleges helping everyone.  Yale is setting a good example by offering their FREE online “Happiness Course”.  Yale has been associated with the entitled and has now stepped up to help the untitled, including students and nonstudents, by challenging our attitudes for the better via their online “Happiness Course.”   (Click here.)

At a time when life can be very challenging, to say the least, it’s very encouraging that Yale and other colleges are paying it forward by providing classes that everyone can take.

Whether you are a high school student, a college student or senior citizen,

Take the class!

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