Anti-Semitism Is Just Wrong

The no hate no violence movement is against hate or violence directed against any religion, gender, race, or any of the other things that people find as an excuse to hate something or someone. We believe in ideas that bring us together not tear us apart.

The anti-Semitism in this country and around the world is an historical issue for the Jewish community. It is wrong and hateful, but it is there, and there are historical reasons why it is so persistent.

Among other reasons, the Jewish community is not known for being inclusive, but they don’t seem to take the heat about it like the Mormon church does for being the same way. Because if you’re not a Mormon you don’t hang out or do business with people that are. That being said, we all need to do what we can to help Jewish people who really do want to stand up and speak out against anti-Semitism. Many don’t speak out fully enough oppose anti-Semitism. They need to speak up and put down the activists that are anti-Semitic.

They need to help go after anti-Semitism by joining with other non-Jewish people that have like-minded beliefs in fighting anti-Semitism and in no hate no violence.  We would love to work with and help the Jewish community in any way we can to fight anti-Semitic hate and violence because that’s how we see it.

Anti-Semitism is definitely a racial hate crime against a specific group of people. Many people say they are a race as much as they are a religion and that is a problem. They need to allow a lot more non-Jewish people into their religion and get more diversified, that would help them mitigate the situation, and so would helping more people that maybe aren’t Jewish that are that need help.

You know, the Catholic Church is probably the most beat up of all of the Christian religions these days because they’ve had some real issues with how they’ve managed their church. But the thing that salvages Catholicism is they’re the largest charity helping everybody in the world regardless of their religious background. They’re bigger than the next three religions put together, and it is hard for people to fight against those kinds of philanthropic commitments.

I would say to any religion – open up your hearts to other people to other faiths and other races. Don’t demand they believe the way you do – show them why they should. The more that that’s done, they will be accepted; the more you try and keep a religion exclusive and closed, the harder it is to fit into a melting pot. The Christian religion is pretty much a melting pot and the Catholic religion is especially a huge melting pot. Those are the things we believe the Jewish religion can learn from. They seem to have some pretty good management available.

We just want to say that we’re here to help. What can we do to help oppose the anti-Semitic movement? How can no the hate no violence organization help you go after and expose misinformation that the anti-Semites are putting out there? Every religion has a history we need to learn from and play down what was done by others generations ago. Maybe it’s time to play down the negative history.

I mean we’re still talking about slavery and how many generations ago is that? People are not being exposed for the hypocrites that they are. I do not like being called a racist because I’m not one, but I’m called one because I’m white. That’s pretty crazy and I’m gonna fight that till the day I die. I am not a racist. America is less racist today than it’s ever been since slavery. But the activists will never let you think that. The politicians use “racism” to answer any question with no facts to back up the answer. They say you’re racist, you’re racist if you don’t agree with them. That’s crazy.

We all need to speak out and especially the Jewish community needs help to speak out. The Democrats are experts at saying one thing while doing the complete opposite. I’m not saying we should do that, but I’m certainly saying we should take all these other organizations and unite them to fight these things and expose them. So, an individual Jewish person exposing an anti-Semitic situation might get somewhat discounted. but if there is a national organization that goes after that anti-Semitism and exposes the perpetrators for the haters they really are then an awful lot of anti-Semitism will be diminished. I can assure you that every one of those anti-Semites lives in a glass house and they have done some things that could be exposed and opposed on an individual level but it won’t have near the clout than if they’re exposed by a national organization.

At we’re a small group, but we are a good one to take on any issue without taking very much pushback because of who we are. We’re here to help any victims of hate and violence – please let us know how we can help you

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