The Cruelty Of Domestic Violence

This short article “The Particular Cruelty of Domestic Violence” (CLICK HERE) examines the American attitude and policies towards domestic violence.  Seeing how few resources we put towards addressing domestic violence is enlightening and shocking.  We’re aware that domestic violence, especially against women and children, is a major issue in the United States and should be dealt with as a top priority.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has greatly increased domestic violence for reasons that we all understand and don’t need to be discussed here.

We thought we should point out the impact of how few resources are put towards this major issue.  By devoting more and better targeted resources to this issue, we could really help a lot of people, especially single mothers and their children in very abusive spouse/partner relationships.

There are ways to deal with this by getting people to speak out, the victims as well as anybody that sees it – family, neighbors, co-workers, or friends.

This article details the shocking facts of how we deal (or actually don’t deal) with it.

We need more people to speak out for their neighbors and friends because the victims are too afraid to do so, fearful of losing their support or risking further harm.  We need to change the stigma of spousal abuse to make the victims Heroes (with a capital H) for stepping forward,  and we as good neighbors , friends and family need to help them.  Simply throwing money at it won’t solve this serious issue but adequate funding should be a top priority in every community and at the national level as well.

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