Our Finger On The Hate Button

The other day, I was in the grocery store wearing my hat (the hat pictured above), and a young employee in their thirties gave me the finger. So, I walked over to him, who was about 20 feet away, and said, “Either you can’t read or you’re very lucky I believe in what this hat represents.” He then apologized and explained that he assumed it represented something else.

That incident made me realize how quickly our “hate button” can be pushed. Instead of instantly hating something, we should question why we feel that way. It’s astonishing to think that people and families now hate each other because of their political beliefs. When you read it, it sounds crazy, but it’s happening. We can attribute this divisiveness to politicians on both sides who perpetuate hate in order to gain support. They encourage us to hate the other side and vote for them. It has become an industry.

The truth is, 80% of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, want to be moderate. However, they allow the extreme left and right to dictate the agenda because they are either misinformed or afraid to speak up. As a Conservative Democrat, I believe our party is particularly guilty of fostering hatred. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I hate that guy, I need to get to know him better,” recognizing the destructive nature of hate. This is especially true for politicians. After all, wars have been waged due to hatred, and no war is ever good. Just look at the mess we’ve created around the world. While World Wars I and II may have had some justification, I am grateful to all the patriots who fought and died in all our wars. I believe their sacrifices will not be in vain because we have given the world a taste of freedom and democracy, which will benefit future generations in those countries. Above all else, I am proud of our military. Without them, we would not be the country that everyone, especially our own politicians, wants to destroy, even though I am a Democrat.

If you only watch news media that aligns with your own views and makes you comfortable, you are not truly watching the news. Instead, you are consuming politically correct commentary that tells you what you want to hear. A significant 72% of people in this country believe that political correctness is a problem. It’s important to express your own thoughts respectfully and gain the respect of others. Also, try watching the news from other channels occasionally. You might actually learn something and realize how similar we are. Most importantly, practice tolerance, as it goes a long way in preventing hatred.

Let’s lighten up and think before we resort to hate. At No Hate No Violence, we know that practicing this will lead to greater happiness and create a better world.


Pat Lockhart
CEO & Founder

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