Another Example Of Runaway Hate

 We at NO HATE NO VIOLENCE don’t have an opinion on acts of the President, but do think we should not have such hateful dialogue because it’s dividing our country.

The Impeachment process and the State of the Union, are great examples of this strategy at work. Some of our leaders use of intolerance and hate to advance their agenda is disgraceful.

We need much more respectful dialogue with honest facts by all parties.

We need to unite this country by being more tolerant, and get back to respectful debating of real issues, like our forefathers did, and like they clearly expected (the Constitution!) those that followed them would do the same.

The time and money just wasted on an impeachment is wrong, when it was clear that the President would be acquitted from the beginning. Hateful politics only divides our leaders and our country.

Thank God the voters see that HATE is not the answer – honest debate will produce much happier and better results. Remember – happiness isn’t an emotion – it’s a choice.


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