I Just Hate Them – Sometimes

Is there such thing as good hate or tolerable hate?

I think there is, I think there are times when hate is or can be interesting and fun. For example, I hate my opposing football, baseball, basketball, or soccer team, and sometimes I even hate their fans. Now, when I use the word “hate” I do not really mean I hate them I just use that word to express my strong feelings.

But – hate them and their leaders because they belong to a different political party? That is not good, that is bad because it causes division within the nation.

Our new belief here at No Hate No Violence is that any hate that harms people, their feelings, or leads to any kind of minor or major violence, is bad hate or hate that we need to resolve.

You can disagree with them; you can tell them your opinions but to hate a person for their political beliefs or their religious beliefs is unconscionable and morally wrong. If we all hated each other because of our difference in beliefs, there would be enough hate to cause endless wars.

I can tell you that there are a lot of people that would hate me because I am a Catholic but what those people don’t know is that I don’t believe in everything that the Catholic Church believes in; I don’t think that a lot of Muslims believe in everything that the Holy Mosque believes in and I don’t think the Jewish religion has followers that believe in everything the Great Synagogue believes in.

That is the problem We all try to interpret each other through labels; that is like me judging a Democrat by the Democratic leaders, or Republicans by Republican leaders. The people and the leaders are so far from each other that the Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington DC no-way represent the constituents and voters of this country. But there are some radicals that think that political leaders do represent the people, and those radicals are rioting in violence and killing policemen and pretending that this is representative of political ideals. I am pretty confident it is not, and the Democratic Party really needs to reject those radicals. I know they are rejected within the people I talk to however, they’re just not rejected in the political leadership because Democratic leaders, like the idiot leaders in Portland, Seattle, New York City, and San Francisco actually think that by not saying anything and continuing to reinforce the violence they will get more votes.

Those political leaders are so wrong in thinking that; they will not get more votes. Their “strategy” is going to backfire because the general consensus is against them. We spend our time gathering these comments and the facts as we see them disagree with this “strategy” entirely. They are driving votes directly to the Trump Campaign.

If they want to get Biden elected, the leadership needs to come out for Law Enforcement and not be seen as working against them. There are some bad policemen, no question about it. Most of them are known to their commanders and should be fired but Police Chiefs are not allowed to by the unions. The bad cops are being protected by the unions and as long as you try to deal with this issue by defunding the police nothing will change because the bad guys and their protectors in the unions are still going to be there. Do not think for one minute that the police chief does not know who the bigots, racists, drug addicts, and unstable officers are, he does, he just cannot fire them. That is the kind of hidden issue behind police violence that we need to think about long and hard instead of just repeating slogans, no matter how emotionally satisfying it may be to yell “Defund The Cops!”.

I think we could do a lot more in supporting our Police Chiefs being able to clean up their bad actors rather than simplistically trying to defund them. If you defund them, do you think they are going to let go of the bad cops first? No, we are just going to discourage good new people because under present conditions many of the best will not even consider being cops in the first place.

It’s interesting but one thing I do know is, I’m a University of Oregon Ducks fan and I love the Oregon State Beaver fans – unless they’re playing the Ducks and then I hate them – for that game only. Then of course we all go out and have a drink together – like politicians used to do after a hot round of rhetorically “hating each other” over some controversial piece of legislation.

That is what we need to get back to, loving the people we also “hate” – but for all the right reasons – not hating other people because of their political beliefs, or their place in life, or their race, or their appearance, or any of the other morally feeble excuses so many people use to try to excuse their twisted love of hatred and violence.

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