Amazing Hate

It is amazing to me how many people get away with writing such hateful things on Facebook and Twitter and the other social media platforms. They appear to view hate as an effective way to make a statement and get their point across, although sometimes they are clearly just venting to feel better. And why do they do that? Generally because they have an extremely small audience and they haven’t realized that and think that the world is listening to their rant. Why don’t they rethink why they hate this person or that group and then put their new insight to good use. Why not try to put more of their feelings and thoughts into articulating exactly how and why they disagree with this person or that group, saying here is what I want them to change, and here is what I will do to help make it happen. We hear way too much about people’s analysis of the problems while we all know pretty much what the problems are, but we actually need are solutions, or at least constructive thoughts on how we can reach a workable solution.

Take someone that you really hate – whether it’s the President or whoever – and say what you don’t like about what he does in a respectful way, and how do you think he could change; does anybody try to change him? Anybody tried asking him for something before trying to force him to do something or pushing him to do something?

I’m not a Trump person by any means, but I do know that a better dialogue will get more done, not just the politics, all of the other organizations that are based on hate which can not be a good thing. If your organization is based on hate, you need to rethink it and think about how can we convert this hate into a productive dialogue where we can tell what our problems are and do something about it. Has “Black Lives Matter” gone to any police chief in this country and asked them what they would like them to do to change? That would be working on the problem by proposing a solution and that’s what we believe in No Hate No Violence.

Hate and violence don’t accomplish anything, and we believe that hate can be greatly minimized by everybody if you think before you express hate or think before you talk about hate and think before you put hate out there even if you are as hate-filled a group as ISIS.

If you think about your hateful language and try to put your ideas into words that offer something that’s a solution, you’ll get a lot more respect and a lot more of a following saying that we ought to follow those suggestions about that whatever situation is. I don’t know what you need to do about the radicals but I still think that over time, if we can take the low hanging fruit and minimize the hate; we can work our way up towards reducing the radicals not just possibly some of their thinking but more importantly minimize their impact.

I don’t believe in censorship and at the same time I don’t think you should show somebody how to build a bomb; free speech has got to take some social responsibility. In the No Hate No Violence movement we believe in trying to find solutions; I can guarantee you that no matter what your religious or political beliefs, you can live a much happier, more productive life by working on the solutions, Trust me please; I know from experience.

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