It has been enjoyable to see a turndown of some of the hate that’s been on the media for the last three or four years, especially the Trump Haters. Now, for sure they haven’t gone away. They just don’t seem to be jumping up and down as much as they were, other than complaining about him wanting a revote count (which is probably not going to help him anyway). Still, it’s nice to see. It’s going to be interesting to see what the media is going to do over the next four years without that bone to chew!

I’m proud of the conservative Democrats that didn’t try and do the wrong things, like petitioning, rioting or whatnot. Even with the election being up in the air, they have thus far exercised restraint. Some of those things are still going on in a couple of cities, but that’s being paid for by ANTIFA, and other violent hate groups  –  I mean, the billionaires that are behind them. At No Hate No Violence, we really want to point out people that do not support hate, but what I am most proud of is all the people that are not letting themselves be manipulated.

We have a lot of great things to look forward to. I’m hoping the new administration will do the right thing, because it is for the people, and that’s who they work for! The money they’re spending is the taxpayers’ money. If you have any ideas that you would like to share about what you think has to be done in the future relative to this, please share your thoughts.

“What I am most proud of is all the people that are not letting themselves be manipulated.”

We’re excited about the future of our organization. We’re about to launch our World Debating Forum. It’s going to help all the schools, at a very minimal cost. We hope it gets adopted and tried by more and more schools. It’s been hugely successful everywhere that it has been adopted. We’re not familiar with anywhere in the world where this system has been tried that it has not been successful when given an effort.  It’s less work for the teachers, and it’s more fun for the kids. They help teach themselves. Though, we still need more teachers. This requires more teachers, time for teachers. A really well-run system has an intern that comes in and helps support it for a while, and that’s going to be paid for by the private sector, not by the taxpayer. We believe that we can help adjust the education system through our World Debating system, to actually keep the teachers employed at a good rate. We hope to expand their capabilities, and get much higher ratings individually, especially in the less fortunate communities. For any state that’s interested in increasing their rankings among other states, this is a great system. We must increase our ranking in the world. We’re dropping like a rock compared to other countries.


It’s time for change. We need to do something different! We’ve all heard Albert Einstein’s famous line: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We need to try something a little different. This is not a curriculum. It’s a different way of teaching…it’s an adjustment. The teachers that implement our system love it. They have to do less work, while at the same time receiving more awards, which in turn, results in more raises and ultimately better jobs.

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