Hate thoughts are real

I love this picture, its a great photograph of a beautiful woman, that has many thoughts, that mostly trigger or are caused by hateful thinking. She’s not wrong she is influenced by the increasing hate and violence, not only in the US bit around the World.

Never have we been more divided, because our leaders and those who will benefit from our divisions, have made it there agenda.

Social Media and the Main Stream Media, along with most politicians on all sides, Are trying to control our thoughts, “tell us what to think’. Instead of letting our educators,

Teach us “how to think”.

We don’t have to think hate and violence all the time, but is hard when you are constantly bombarded with personage attacks of Hate and violence. Very little news is ever good news, that makes you feel good, no money in that.

The rape word on this women’s cheek is a real thought, and concern for her, as it totally comes from a personal agenda for some perpetrators of Hate and violence, so does bullying.

We at NoHateNoViolnce believe the more respectful open debate and dialogue we can promote and have, the more we can lower hate thoughts for the worst offenders, the less Violence we may have.

We need to have and promote good thoughts, and not assume everyone we are looking at is having a bad thought, making us anxious and on edge to promote our Hate thoughts.

The more good thoughts we can have the happier we can be, regardless of you place in life.


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