Free Book & New Video On Near Death Experiences

Here at No Hate No Violence Press we’re excited! We’ve just published our newest book “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here? Planning Confidently For The Next Life” and we want you as our valued subscriber to have priority access to this groundbreaking publication for free (see link below).

“Answers To:” offers dozens of fascinating first-person stories of Near-Death Experiences. Every chapter includes published clinical research along with personal reports of an existence beyond this life by people who have died and then returned to life often with detailed and even fully verifiable experiences.

One of the most profoundly moving chapters chronicles the experiences of Veterans who have committed suicide and then, often miraculously, returned from death. We believe in the author’s vision so deeply that we’ve made this chapter into our newest YouTube video Please click here We hope this video will inspire viewers with thoughts and visions of the immense value of human life.

The changes that people make in their lives after a Near Death Experience (NDE) are often miraculous – watch, listen and hear for yourself!

This video reveals through narration and visual imagery the experiences of people who have committed suicide and then been met and urged to go back by long-lost friends and family on the other side. The stories told by these fortunate people who have been given a second chance are inspiring even for those of us who may never have contemplated the tragic, senseless act of suicide or its true consequences.

After you watch the YouTube video, we’ve arranged with Smashwords, a major international distributor, to make the full digital edition with dozens of hyperlinks to Near Death Experience research and stories available to you free – click here to get this free groundbreaking book!

We would also like to announce an exciting new way to experience this inspiring evidence of the afterlife. We’ve worked with renowned narrator & voice actor Tim Little, whose voice has inspired millions of audiobook fans, and who has narrated our new YouTube video, to produce a full audiobook edition of “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here?”.

After you order your free book please pass this offer on to your friends and family, especially if you know someone who might benefit from this book right now in these troubled times.

Let’s Enjoy life! Pass It On!

Patrick Lockhart

Founder and CEO: No Hate No Violence Press

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