Let’s Rediscover Tolerance

We all need to move greater tolerance and more respectful listening to others into higher priority status in our lives. How many people are as happy as they used to be or want to be? We have way too much negative information driving us apart and making us angry, thanks to some of the new communication systems and the agendas of those who own and run them.

We need to be more open to people we don’t agree with and have greater tolerance for their comments. We need to listen and try to understand that these are the other person’s opinions, not our own. Attitude alone can do more for tolerance than anything else.


If we do something good every day, even just a giving a smile or calling someone who needs support, we will become better, more tolerant, and happier people for doing it.

Lets look first for the good in each other. Lincoln said. “I hate that guy, I need to get to know him better.”

It works for me! I have found that when I made the effort to get to know someone on a personal basis who I thought I didn’t like, I found that we had more in common than not, and the dislike went away. Family’s always a good place to practice tolerance and listening. Pick someone you know in your family who you dislike for their ideas or opinions and try suggesting that you both need sit down and get to know each other better – because you’re family.


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