Why We Believe In NoHateNoViolence

We’ve been focusing so much lately on the development of WorldDebatingForum.com rather than posting on this blog that we feel a need to re-state why we’re dedicating ourselves to the philosophy of No Hate No Violence.

We very simply believe that if we can encourage this alternative ideology, over time the U.S and the world can become a much better place.

This human rights-based approach is a peaceful ideology that combats Hate and Violence, not only in religious or political attitudes but also by offering a pragmatic approach to coming up with solutions designed to stop hate.

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Simple. There Should Be No Place In This World For:






What we need right now is an alternative ideology to combat terrorists, racists, bigots, religious zealots, radical politicians, and anyone else spreading hate and violence. If you hate anything; ask yourself why? Hate is a choice and everyone has the power to change their choices in life.

In America, we are fortunate to have free speech and the ability to believe in what we want. We can disagree with a belief and promote our own. What we should NOT do though is promote hate or violence to accomplish our goals.

No Hate No Violence is a safer ideology for all parties. And all individuals. It is an alternative approach to combat terrorists, racism, negative politics, and discrimination. Who can logically disagree with these thoughts?

Who can argue with it? Who should listen to them? If they hate, that is their problem. Show them how to make a change so they can talk without hate.

If you ask anyone if they believe in hate or violence, most would say no. So why then do we have so much in the world? Those who preach violence through the guise of religion and or for any other reason should not be able to benefit from the tax deductions recognized and provided by the U.S. Government.  Many other such benefits are wrongly given to those who promote violence.

If you have a hateful attitude, you may know some people who agree with you, but the majority of your peers, friends, family, and society probably do not. If you commit or promote violence in this world then someone – a group, a government, a country, or all the above will always be against you. Violence is the last resort for solving issues of any kind, and we all know that it simply doesn’t solve anything.

We all need to work on discouraging hate and violence in the world, which starts with us and our elected leaders and politicians. The more we identify with this ideology, the faster we can minimize hate and violence in the world, and the sooner we can help spread the message and have others do the same.

Human rights, especially women’s rights, need to be promoted again, and more often. The more we can eliminate, or minimize hate, the better the world will be. Some ideas will work better than others, but together we have the ability to change this ideology. It might take another hundred years to change all of this in the world and the way most people think, and approach hate and violence, but every person that adopts this type of thinking will help in the fight for peace and tolerance around the world.  The U.S. stopped promoting human rights around the world over the last several years allowing the problem to grow.

Also, if you can change your attitude and eliminate “Hate and Violence” the happier you will be. Hate does not make anyone happy.  If you believe in no hate no violence, scream it from the rooftops, share it with a community leader, a co-worker, your local politician.  Pass it on.

This ideology needs to spread to people who can honestly and passionately get behind it and influence it, individuals(s) who can develop it into policies and spread the word and transform these words into action.  Someone strong (like the American President) who could be honest about the human shortcomings we all have could do the most. We may not be able to eliminate all hate or violence in this world, but together we can significantly minimize it.  We can be the good guys again and create a platform from which we can work to eliminate the Hate and Violence we see spreading everywhere.


The longer I live, the more I realize how much impact attitude has on people’s lives. A person’s attitude is more important than education. It’s more important than money, circumstances, failures, successes, appearance or skill. It’s especially more important than what others think, say or do. The attitude of everyone involved will make or break a company, a church, a home – or a country.

Look at politics. A change in attitude could be one of the largest, fastest influences on our country’s political ideology. We need to go back to the days when politicians had an attitude of compromise. Instead of focusing on what they perceive will keep them or their party in office and in control, they should compromise for the people they serve. Politicians need to shift their attitude back to the time when they existed to help the people they are sworn to serve and who elected them to do so.

The change starts by shifting the political focus. Once politicians start focusing on the issues instead of gossip and their own special interests, the attitudes of the people will start to change. The silent majority will wake up, become proud of their country, and get involved in working for everyone, not just themselves. In turn, the politicians’ attitudes will continue to shift, and they’ll start working harder to agree instead of disagree. And the cycle will continue, moving the country closer to actually fixing our problems.

The remarkable thing is that this change is something we, the people, can make every day. Every day we have a choice regarding the attitude we embrace. We cannot change the past, nor the fact that other people will act a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. But we can change our attitude. And we’re the only ones who can change it.

I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it. So change how you react to all things in this world, and you might just change the world itself. Hopefully, our political leaders will actually lead us in this effort.

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