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Hello. Thanks for checking us out.  Please let us tell you briefly about our two principle missions here on

The first mission is to share our free new book and the accompanying video on Near Death Experiences with as many people as possible. We’re launching that project just now, in late Spring of 2021, as the COVID pandemic is causing so many people to think about the questions this book raises – and answers.

We’re highly focused on a mission to reach out to one million Veterans, especially those who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, PTSD, loss of hope and faith, and terrible suicidal thoughts with an inspiring message of hope.

Our free book “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here?” is a great short read, full of stories of true personal experiences with clinical death and often miraculous revival, and of profound lessons learned and lives changed forever. Written by a devout Christian, this book explores the compelling teachings of all religions on the Near-Death Experience.

If you want to know more about our mission to reach out to Veterans, please take a few minutes to watch our YouTube video entitled ‘Veterans Answers To Suicide”. It’s a compelling narration of Chapter 10 of “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here”, accompanied by awe-inspiring Hubble photographs of the glories of God’s universe.

We want to give “Answers” away free to a million Veterans and their families, and this mission of love and caring can begin with you. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to reach 1,000,000 Veterans with this gift of hope. That 10 cents per veteran will cover our office and volunteer costs. We know we can do this together. Please consider donating in support of our work.

Our second important mission is to help teachers and parents design and implement innovative debating-based educational programs in schools where no such opportunities currently exist. Through our program of free books and video resources for member schools and community groups, we hope to provide support for new educational initiatives built around the ancient ‘mind-sport’ of debating. We are especially excited to see debate being included in some of the new virtual educational initiatives and are working closely with teachers, students and parents who are building these locally-run online programs. Here’s why we think that’s important and hope that you’ll share our commitment to help:

New, solid peer-reviewed research shows:

  • “While only 50 out of 100 students in urban high schools graduate, 90 out of 100 urban high school debaters graduate.That means that starting a debate program in an urban high school with 1000 students can make a meaningful difference in the lives of 400 kids who will now have a chance to graduate but wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • “72 out of every 100 high-risk secondary school debaters graduate, versus just 43 out of 100 of high-risk non-debaters.” Same with this research finding. In a high school with 500 high-risk kids, 360 will graduate if they have access to a debate program while only 215 who don’t will graduate.
  • High-risk secondary school debaters also score better on ACT and SAT tests, get into better colleges, and perform better once in college. So debating not only helps kids graduate it helps them get into college and do better in college.

No Hate No Violence is working to sponsor and promote new debating programs and to help teachers and parents grow existing programs. We doubt that anyone can propose a better, lower-cost way to educate our youth, and especially our at-risk youth, than a challenging and engaging debate program. This is fact, not opinion.

Let’s consider this. How about a low-cost program in schools that creates an environment where only supportable facts and arguments could be presented? An environment where students can learn to argue with only real unbiased facts and to support their opinions without verbal hatred or violence but by developing the power of reasoning and insight.

We’ve seen that student interest in topics that they want to debate is endless. The amount of education potential in even the simplest school debate program is limitless. We believe that learning debating skills should be part of every core curriculum.

Do you agree? Please help us make this happen by donating what you can.