Where Do We Go From Here?

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Author Leroy Nelson’s

Where Do We Go From Here?

How To Plan In This Life For The Next

THROUGHOUT LIFE, we’re faced with many of the existential questions that author Leroy Nelson examines in his thought-provoking book, Where Do We Go From Here? In my 72 years of life I have had the privilege of enjoying 25 years of friendship with the author.  I am amazed at the incredible amount of information in this book.  It is highly organized for such a feel good short read.  Especially on a subject we all wonder about.  This book isn’t only for older adults but for everyone from their teen years on up.  We all contemplate the important issues that Nelson brings to light.  Is there a human spirit? If so, where does that spirit go when our bodies die?  Is re-incarnation real?  Is there a Heaven and Hell?

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These are questions all of us wrestle with as we navigate life’s ups and downs, its peaks and valleys, it’s triumphs and defeats.

One thing remains the same though,namely, no one person has the right answer for everybody.  Those some of us may follow the religions, every one of us has our own unique beliefs.  And those deep-seated beliefs (including faith) will either provide us comfort or distress when our time to leave this world comes.

It’s highly evident throughout Nelson’s writing that his main goal is to get readers to examine their own faith, to test their own beliefs, and to be comfortable in whatever views they have regarding death and what follows it.

He eloquently and thoughtfully provides insights from different religions, different scientific and medical figures, and ordinary people who have through extraordinary circumstances.

His casual, yet witty style of writing allows readers to participate in what feels like a late-night chat with a long-time friend.  As such a friend, he wants to draw us out on a topic we tend to avoid to our own detriment.  That’s what friends do.

Our past Director of Operations for No Hate No Violence, Lauren Pries (a young women in her early twenties) commented that while reading this book, she found herself not only fascinated by the multiple accounts of NDEs (near death experiences) but also found herself on a journey of looking introspectively and reflecting on a similar experience she once had.

It’s clear that Nelson has put immense thought into writing something that provides both an opportunity to learn about the various schools of thought and an opportunity to work through ones’ own feelings regarding death of the body and the extended prospects of one’s spirit.

Inquisitive, intriguing, and stimulating on a relatable level not only about our own death but those of our family and friends.  Those are the words I can use to best characterize this book, and I hope that you will also experience the same joy, curiosity, and inspiration that I experienced while reading.

Patrick Lockhart

Founder, No Hate No Violence

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